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why is life so unfare???????

Hi im 37 years old and at this juncture on my life i thought i would be happy and sorted with no major worries on life but how wrong was i.

I have been married twice and im single again and have been for about 3 years now. I live a one bedroom flat hows rent end bills take a huge amount of my earning from my job.

I have one son from me last marriage and a step son from same said relationship. I c them on a regular basis and pay my ex money for them. Another nice chunk out of my wage. I have debts ok fare enough thats my own fault, bar one which my ex opened in my name, but the point is im struggling to survive on what i actually have left after every thing has gone out yet my local council insist i earn to much for any financial help.

My ex dont work gets very thing paid for her and gets the money from me. She can afford to go here there every were when i have the boys but i can barely afford life  at a basic level. 

So the next thing i will say is going to be childish but i dont care. ITS NOT FARE!!!!!! There u go i said it and i dont care what people think. Its fact in my eyes.

love it :D

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